Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's a country, stupid

I'm not concerned about whether Donald Trump can think for himself, I'm concerned about whether he can think about anyone else--such as the citizens of an entire nation.  It seems to me that, for Trump, running for president of the United States is just another ego trip--we voters are just along for the ride.

And I don't trust him to choose good advisors because he appears to think that he doesn't need any.  I shudder to think what a government led by a man who seems to think that he knows everything he needs to know about heading a government despite having no government or diplomatic experience and who thinks that it's perfectly acceptable to insult women (despite the fact that we're half of his would-be voters), mock persons with disabilities, condemn an entire religious group, hate immigrants, despise diversity, and encourage violence--did I miss anything?--would be like.  And I hope I never have to find out.

The United States is a democracy, and heaven knows that I've been disappointed, even upset, by the outcome of many an election in my lifetime.  But never before have I been downright frightened that the "wrong" candidate might win.  I'm following the advice of the prophet Yirmiyahu/Jeremiah (29:7), and praying for the government.

It's the economy, stupid



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